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Benefits of frameless shower screens

Personal cleanliness is the first thing one is supposed to consider before engaging in cleaning the utensils, floor or even the entire house. Most of the times, bathrooms are not well attended to because they seem to offer less service i.e nature’s call and when showering. However, this should not be the case because the advancing technology has introduced frameless shower screens which are way better. If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, shower screens should be your destination because they offer a lot of benefits to a home. These are some of the pros:

Easy to clean

Frameless shower screens Melbourne do not have metal edges or frames. This makes them easy to clean because you only need a wet rag to clean the glass panel. The screen used in making the showers do not stain even with soap scum. The showers only need a simple DIY procedure to clean them.

They are more durable

The older shower screens which had frames needed some regular maintenance to keep the door functional. Contrary, this is not the case with frame less showers. The glass used in making the showers undergoes some special treatment to make it stronger. After the treatment, the glass becomes shatter and scratch resistant making them last very long. With proper maintenance, the glass and other fittings used can last for a very long period of time since they are designed to be strong.

They are more hygienic

One of the factor that makes these showers more hygienic is the ability to clean them easily. The second factor is because they are frame less. The frames which were found in the old model were breeding grounds for disease causing micro organisms if they are not cleaned regularly and properly. In addition, the framed shower metals could rust after a period of time making it hard for the shower to be cleaned properly.

Frame less shower screens are made up of an entire glass that do not form stains or soap scums because they are non-porous. The glass therefore makes the showers very hygienic when properly cleaned. The method of cleaning is also very simple because you can do it yourself within a very short time.

The showers are attractive

The framed shower screen bathrooms were made from a glass which was textured to make them translucent. The showers also had metal frames and a sliding which would look very odd when they rust due to poor maintenance.The new frameless showers however are made with an entire glass which is very clear and strong. The absence of metal frames and sliding doors makes it look more attractive and classy.

The showers are easy to installeasy

Absence of frames makes the frame less shower very easy to install because you don’t have to bolt any frame. The frame in the old model made it very hard to install the shower because the frames had to fit into each other and later screwed together. The frame less shower does not need all that. In fact, the fixtures can be easily modified to fit the space left.

These benefits and features make the frame less shower stand out as the best option to select when you need to make renovations in your bathroom.