About us

Hi there, Its me Steve. I am a mechanical engineer student, 24 years old. I have a great passion towards cars, Electronics, Computers. I love to research. yeah that’s what i am all day long. I have some crazy friends who shares the same interests as me. so we are basically a group of five cool, crazy and young mechanical engineering students who like to explore the world and technology over the internet. Sounds crazy right? haha..

We like to experiment new ideas and thoughts and wanna do something different. Since its our early stage we came across so many stupid ideas and thoughts that even we sometimes laugh at our nonsense ideas. But we have that passion in us to do it.. and we definitely will achieve it one day.

We will be posting our thoughts and new crazy ideas with the world by our blog posts.. Don’t worry we will put some informational and educational stuff too. Don’t want to bore you guys.. wink wink.


So if you love Cars, computers and technology.. follow our posts… See you guys inside. Cheers

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