Thing you need to know about future Computers, Internet and Cars


The technological changes that have occurred throughout the last twenty years have affected absolutely everything, and that includes technologies that have remained relatively stagnant over the course of the last fifty years, such as automobiles. The Internet and cars have always had a very complex relationship, and that relationship is only going to grow more complicated as computers begin to advance further. It is possible that computers and cars will start to merge as more and more research and development is conducted on both of them.

Smart Cars and Smart Devices


Automated cars are going to be impressive in many ways. However, it should be noted that the line between a computer and other types of devices is starting to blur slightly. Many smartphones are nominally phones, but they have much more computing power than many computers did as recently as ten years ago. My friend Shane who works at  is a computer and phone repair expert. once in our conversation over smartphones, he referred these smart phones as  “tiny computers” that can also be used as phones. Something similar may occur with automated cars and the newer types of cars.


These new cars may have enough technological capabilities that they will almost seem like the sort of futuristic cars that people used to dream about, and they will have more computing power than the space shuttle. These cars will be able to use all of this computing power to prevent car accidents, to respond more effectively to various disasters, and to alert the owners as to certain internal problems.


The trend in general is to create products that are ‘smart.’ More and more products are being given some computational power today. Smart watches are being introduced, as are plenty of other mundane devices modified to become smarter. The smart cars of the future are going to be at home in a world of smart gadgets.


Internet and Cars Today

Twenty years ago, a lot of cars still had tape decks. Today, many cars are able to connect to Bluetooth just fine. People are able to get their smartphones and their cars in sync, allowing the Internet and cars to merge in a way that would have been fanciful in the 1990’s. The fact that it is much easier for people to lock and unlock their cars remotely is one of the ways in which technology has given people more freedom with their vehicles.


However, the main relationship between the Internet and cars is the simple fact that people can do much more research on cars thanks to the Internet, and the research that they conduct is going to be that much easier to conduct in the first place. People would once have to contact car dealerships, go to the library, and consult with car enthusiasts just for the sake of even getting a few pieces of the information that they can receive after a few clicks today.


People can learn about the sort of car repair tricks that they can do for themselves at their own homes. As such, they should be less reliant on automotive services. The Internet has given people much more freedom when it comes to managing their cars in many ways. Auto repair, computer repair, and every other type of repair is much easier today.


Automated Cars in the Future


Automation is one of the main ways that cars in the future should change. Many experts have discussed the possibility of smart cars that more or less drive themselves, and the fact that they should prove to be much safer on the roads than the current cars that people will drive today. Cars have gotten steadily safer over the course of the last fifty years as it is, with more and more safety features being added to them. Automated cars are going to be even safer by virtue of not being entirely operated by humans.


Many of these automated cars may be controlled remotely in many different ways, possibly through a strong WiFi connection. People might be able to make many different changes to their cars remotely after these new cars are introduced. The Internet is naturally going to be instrumental when it comes to marketing these new automated cars, which is another way that the Internet is going to have a huge effect on these new cars.

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